Second Quarter: Here’s 10 Highly-Anticipated Drops For 2018

The UK’s underground music scene is bustling with a variety of sounds. This year has brought its fair share of highs and lows. It’s life at the end of the day and when it’s all said and done, music is all we’ve got. On that note, there has been a healthy flow of music releases in 2018. It’s been a groundbreaking year for Tottenham’s Headie One with back-to-back songs going viral, House of Pharaohs are taking flight on their latest venture ‘The Fix’, and Ms. Banks is further proving why she’s a force to be reckoned with in the game. As April comes to a close, we set our sights onwards and anticipate the arrival of new albums, mixtapes and EPs. Whether it’s confirmed or not. We know we’re not the only ones itching to get our hands on these projects. Spring marks a rebirth, to us, it’s the second half to a musical quarter. Here’s 10 highly-anticipated projects to look forward to in 2018. Let the games begin.



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PBGR’s Skeps & Crunch have become somewhat of a dark horse in an unwavering music scene. In 2014, their debut album, The Black Market marked a turning point for the duo who were met with the highest praise for cuts such as ‘Second Chance’ and ‘SMW’. Their last EP, 4RE PLAY, showcased their penchant for whipping up hard-hitting raps and silky songs. Opting for quality over quantity has meant that their releases have been sporadic, but following an interview via Syndicate Radio, Skeps mentioned a new album was on the way, deeming it as “the follow-up to Black Market.”


Suspect – Still Loading

Suspect OTB

Last year was hands down a triumphant year for South London’s Flamboyant Gangster. Hailing from Walworth (Wooly Rd), Suspect made it known, loud and clear, that he isn’t the one to be slept on. The release of his heavy, bass-boosted banger ‘FBG’ – an anthem that’s pierced a million more ears than your local body piercer. Suspect’s 2017 saga saw the release of his mixtape ‘Loading’ solely produced by Flyo, and in 2018 Suspect is ‘Still Loading’ with his forthcoming project expected to arrive on 18th May.


D-Block Europe – TBA

D-Block Europe

In a tweet Young Adz said, “ I can’t wait for you lot to hear this mixtape”. Could we possibly be on the receiving end of a debut D-Block project? With a steady release of tracks from the European tangent of D-Block, such as ‘The Shard’ and the newly-released ‘Mazzalean’. A toned-down effort by Young Adz & Dirtbike LB, which is just as braggadocios as any of their previous releases. Now, more than ever, is an important time for the south-side clique to capitalise on their sound. Whether it arrives this summer or later, it is guaranteed to take-off.


Little Simz –  TBA

Little Simz is not your average rapper and she isn’t looking for your approval or mine too. She’s really focused on the music, and if the North London, 23 year-old artist’s discography of 4 mixtapes, 5 EPs and 2 album isn’t reflective of her sickening work-ethic then I, frankly, don’t know what is. In a cryptic tweet Little Simz tweeted ‘../../18’ without giving too much away. It seems like we could be looking forward to a new album from the Space-Age 3000 front-runner. Keep your eyes peeled because it seems like Little Simz is ready to up the levels with this one.


Knucks – TBA

“Born North West like I’m the kid of Kim and Kanye,” proclaims Knucks on ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s.’ I labelled him as an ambidextrous artist because he’s brought something refreshing to the scene. One of the few artists integrating soulful elements into his music, his growth has been gradual and is getting to the point where he can no longer be ignored. I’m a firm believer of working on your craft and allowing it to speak for itself. And that is, without a doubt, the reason why he’s been signed by Island Records. So what’s next? An EP which has yet to receive a release date, but we’re hopeful.


Oscar #Worldpeace – IC3

Photography by Brock Neal-Roberts

Oscar #Worldpeace crept in with his debut album, Recluse, a wholesome collection of sounds produced by himself and right-hand man, Ragz Originale. It exhibited his ability to pen intuitive lyrics and deliver inventive flows on a selection of energetic and low, moody beats. ‘Tate Modern’ is an example of what he has to offer, a track which hooks on and reels you into Oscar’s world. His next foray is an EP titled ‘IC3’, which he’s deemed as his “most personal offering.” IC3 is a police code used to describe Black people, and so this could be his most socially-charged project. ‘No White God’ is taken from his IC3 and is indicative of what is to come.


Jorja Smith – Lost & Found

With just a handful of tracks, guest features and an EP, Jorja Smith has surpassed the ranks of an up-and-coming artist. It’s been two year since the transformative track ‘Blue Lights’ was released, and now the Walsall songstress is en route to releasing her debut album. Entitled Lost & Found, it’s a step up from Project 11, which displayed her comforting vocals, but more importantly her ability to forge deep and sincere lyrics. Smith’s album will have a lot to live up to, but that’s fine because she hasn’t even reached her peak yet.


Octavian – TBA

Photography by Jamie Fernbeck

Octavian’s ‘Party Here’ emerged out of nowhere and momentarily had a number of heads rocking to his tune. It was the waft, breath of fresh air, that offered an alternative insight into the variety of sounds that lurked in the UK’s underground arena. It’s been a smooth journey for the Essie Gang representative who has gone on to follow-up with tracks such as ‘Hands’ and ‘100 Degrees’ featuring Sam Wise. With just a small fraction of tracks, Octavian has garnered so much attention, so the possibility of a debut project isn’t so far-fetched.



Photography by E.Cheaba

VB aka Trapboy V may be one of the lesser known rappers to come out of North London’s rap cycle, but he’s a hidden gem in the midst of established acts such as Headie One, Abra Cadabra and Avelino. His last mixtape, Pour Some More, was an intriguing project and contained the self-titled bonus track – PSM, which, dare I say, is a classic. Although, it’s been a long time since VB has released a track we’re predicting a new project or simply being over optimistic.  Either way a new joint from the Still Seventeen rapper would be a game-changer.


Not3s – TBA

In 2017-18, Not3s kept the naysayers quiet by delivering a barrage of bangers disguised as anthems such as ‘Aladdin’ and ‘My Lover’. Both, have elevated his status and made him your favourite rappers’ go-to guy for a feature. It isn’t up for debate, but Not3s is the scene’s golden child and you can expect him to return with a new project soon. Announced via a tweet, Not3s tweeted “May = New Project.” Although, his last release was a slight compilation of his greatest hits, we’re yearning to get a collection of original sounds from his locker.

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