ED SHEERANYxng Bane is back with another remix.

The remixing trend continues, but this time it’s a little different. East London’s Yxng Bane recently released the remix to his track Fine Wine. This time Yxng Bane is tackling someone else’s song. Yxng Bane remixes Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You.

In comparison to the original, Yxng Bane has breathed new life into Shape of You. His remix is raunchy and inspired. Yxng Bane is seriously utilising his heartthrob appeal as he’s confident on the track and boasts about his prowess. The visuals are also clean, with Yxng Bane enchanted by his curly haired love interest. Yxng Bane is often compared to Tory Lanez, on the Shape of You remix he has showed his ingenuity as an artist.