#ViksPicks Introducing Jerome Thomas

FOE is the mantra that East Londoner and artist Jerome Thomas lives and works by

Freedom of expression – fusion of everything. This is a songwriter of exceptional talent, who has a unique and expressive voice that captivates you with its soul and depth.

His incredibly well received debut EP ‘Conversations’, was released almost one year ago in 2016 (with this jaw dropping video directed by Christopher Cargill arriving in September), and he has since gone on to receive support from such prominent stations and tastemakers as Radio 1Xtra, BBC 1, Radar Radio, SBTV and MTV. It was a project that allowed Thomas to show off his pen and ability to pull us into the conversations in his mind, almost charming you as he slides up to those falsetto notes, unabashed by his ‘freedom of expression’.

Thomas’ use of an array of genres from R&B and Soul, to Hip Hop, Jazz and Jungle are so elegantly done. This unreserved ambition to work by a ‘fusion of everything’ allows him to be a totally unique artist. This approach to creating music and experiences has allowed him to work with an extraordinary number of upcoming music makers, Jerome Thomas counts Che Lingo (‘Black Girl Magic’), Black The Ripper (‘Doe’) and producers Hurricane, El Train and Talos as collaborators.

If you were lucky enough to grab tickets to his sold out show this Thursday, then you’re in for a real treat.  Keep an eye on this guy; he’s going to be around for a while, and I’ve earmarked his as an artist who will play an important part in the UK scene in the not so distant future.
Words: Vikki Adegoke

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November 14
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