Viks Picks: Jordan Mackampa

Jordan Mackampa is an extraordinary singer songwriter, who has a voice as soft as velvet and rich as dark chocolate. Mixing up beat tempos with gospel-like harmonies and beautifully balanced melodies, Mackampa turns love songs into stories about life, sorrow and joy; creating unforgettable records. As a Black Brit, his experience of living in Coventry and being of Congolese heritage has greatly inspired his sound.

He’s as an artist who is well on his way to mainstream breakthrough, and has a strong back catalogue of stand alone songs and more personal projects to fill out shows when he gets there. Starting with his critically acclaimed debut body of work Physics – a record of folk melodies revolving around the mechanics of love, heartbreak and openness – Mackampa’s succession of short EPs have raised expectations with every release.

Shortly following his 2016 EP, Mackampa released his second project Tales From The Broken last year. On this record we hear a much tighter and refined sound, whilst he maintains the elegance of his captivating songwriting of real people and their lives and his deep commanding vocals. Since this project he has released a cover of Lou Reed’s “Walk on The Wild Side”. I am eagerly awaiting his full length feature album and hoping that his new single is a sign of that!

Mackampa’s following has grown exponentially over the last year, selling out small shows across the UK and joining British indie rock legend Get.Cape.Wear.Cape.Fly in London. This artist has fully captured my heart over the previous year with his talent and I can definitively say he is one of the UK’s best rising talents. If you’d like to catch him soon, he will be joining 110 Above Festival this summer – an intimate indie and folk festival in the rural countryside of Leicestershire.
Words: Vikki Adegoke

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February 27
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