South London Trifecta 2U4U Give Us Warm, Trip-Hop Vibes On ‘Gurl’

The UK music scene is thriving at this moment in time and it’s good to see acts old and new pushing out their sounds to varying degrees of success. It gets hard to keep up with all the new music coming out, but I’m pretty sure the Warm & Easy team are on it. South London based experimental hip-hop trio 2U4U (think Slum Village) operate on the newer side of the UK music scene spectrum – with MC’s cal and My Rugema being laced with production from Ranbir. The group effortlessly blend hip hop with jazz,and add a sprinkle of neo-soul and R&B sounds for good measure. The end result? Wholesome, soulful vibes such as “Gurl”.

“Gurl”, in the words of the group, is “an exploration of past romances that forever play out in our minds”. You can certainly get a feel for that with their vivid wordplay combined with cal and My Rugema going back and forth with an ease and certain familiarity. Featuring newcomer and vocalist Majella, this really is a song to look out for on the radio and digital playlists. The summery video, directed by Samuel Recko, is shot all around different parts of London including Brixton and by Tower Bridge and serves as an introduction to the trio. It’s breezy, easy listening sound gives me trip-hop vibes that you can liken to acts such as Hawk House and Tree Club. The group’s debut EP Butter will be out on the 6th of July so look out for that as we can only hope that the project is as smooth as its name.

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July 4
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