67 Connect With Slay Productions For Gothic ‘Pink Notes’ Ahead Of New Project

As pioneers of UK Drill and arguably one of the biggest groups in UK Rap both in the present and it’s overall history over the various decades, 67’s 2018 has been interestingly hushed in comparison to other years. 2016 and 2017 were full of a constant outpour of solo and group releases that made them the unquestioned leaders of the scene, even as the competition in quality and quantity has managed to become overwhelming. Yet after the relentless work drive to establish themselves led to a brief abdication from the spotlight, it appears that the Brixton-based rap collective are back again, eager to promote their next project entitled The 6ix. Their latest offering is the Slay Productions helmed single “Pink Notes”, which suggests that as the crew continues to expand and develop, 67 are still ready to keep themselves in the running.

Now in some respects, the single is almost a bit fairly predictable for longtime fans of the group who’ve been here since the initial mixtape hinted at the formula to come; besides Slay Productions offering a tastefully grim take on drill production, you have Dimzy providing a fairly standard hook offering slang and threats, while Monkey revisits old catchphrases and LD glides across the production. Interestingly however, the most enthusiasm and effort appears to be emerging from the names you least expect, such as Liquez and more recent addition R6. While certainly not overwhelming the record, the duo are demonstrating a hunger and focus that hasn’t been seen before on other tracks, suggesting that while the original members are becoming less consistent, the remaining crew members are still more than happy to pick up the slack. “Pink Notes” isn’t going to change the future for the group, but if anything it suggests that perhaps their futures are still secure.

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June 8
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