Veteran Prince Rapid’s “Fresh N Clean” Blends Styles Masterfully

Well over a decade into a career that started in grime but dovetailed through several different phases in UK Music, Rapid or Prince Rapid as he prefers to go by now, is a true and tireless innovator.  Ever since his early productions and vocals within Ruff Squad alongside a teenaged Tinchy Stryder, he’s pushed the envelope of the genre in ways few others have even dared to attempt. His buzzing, supple production style has been forward-thinking in a way that even the best of the best in grime have often struggled to remain, and no matter which direction the climate of the UK Music Scene has gone, Rapid’s always seemed perfectly in touch with his audience’s demands. Such an inate instinct seems to remain the case as his newest single, “Fresh N Clean” finds Prince Rapid perfectly in tune with the current climate in a way that’d be impossible for most of Grime’s first generation.

Complimented by visuals with cameos from Ruff Squad friends and affiliates including the likes of Tinchy, Slix, So Large and others, “Fresh N Clean” is interesting in how simple yet hard to pin down it is. On one hand, this could easily be one of the Funky/Grime crossover tunes from 2009/10 one would expect from the likes of Maxwell D or that N.A.S.T.Y. Crew’s Mak 10 & Marcus Nasty would be hyping, but it additionally falls right into place with the current afrobeats scene. Rapid’s vocal performance is strictly decorative, a simple hook and verse to compliment the track while the surging groove and frolicking percussion handle the real heavy lifting. The tune is a simple but effective dance number that feels right on time for the passing Carnival season, and should still do wonders for dancefloors even as the seasons shift. Yet again, Prince Rapid feels like a talent who’s impeccably aware of how to keep himself thriving through the years.

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September 9
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