Eskimoe And Lobby Boy Set A Mellow Tone On Their Soul-Stirring Collaboration “Cold”

The rapid delivery of music thus far has been unrelenting. A lot of heavy acts such as Jorja Smith, Suspect and 808INK have released some resounding projects. However, in the midst of all these releases, we tend to lose track of the upcoming acts fighting for a breakthrough in the bustling music scene. In the spirit of sharing music, Eskimoe drops a well-suited track titled “Cold” in collaboration with South East London rapper Lobby Boy.

“Cold” is not only a fitting noun for this single, but a tasteful offering which blurs the boundaries of two genres. The Oxford based producer-vocalist creates an acoustic snare on the genre-bending production elevated by the folk strums of guitar strings. The early thudding of heavy drums on the intro adds a marvellous touch to the Eskimoe self-produced instrumental. Lobby Boy reiterates his presence on the intricately pieced beat before attacking it. A few things on his mental include coming of age, living to the fullest and facing the reality of adulthood. It’s further brightened by the  billed alto-tuned lulling which descends gracefully like a droplet of rain on a mirrored surface. Eskimoe’s light swoons over the hook is the icing on the cake to a soul-stirring offering. “Cold” is the final piece to an untitled series of collaborative singles by Eskimoe. All of which are available to listen to via Soundcloud.

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July 9
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