Ard Adz And Bellzey Are Bringing The Essence Back On ‘What’s Gwarning’

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about Ard Adz and Bellzey going bar for bar in mainland Brixton, yet the music and video for ‘What’s Gwarning’ offer a timely glimpse of what classic road rap from 2007 could look and sound like were it still being made today, beholden to the professional standards of a rejuvenated urban music industry and made ready for mass consumption. What it looks and sounds like, to no-one’s surprise this must be said, is fucking hard.

Directed by Oluwatosin Sowemimo, the video is as standard in its premise as it is expert in its execution. Your average hood video rendered for 2017, it features simple footage of the two Brixton vets trading bars while cruising up Atlantic Road, interspersed with swathing drone shots of Lambeth’s most famous/infamous estates (Angel Town, Somerleyton, what remains of Myatts Field, they’re all there), and a host of pixelated no face no case cameos – from people who you should assume are active – maybe even wanted, gang members.

That the tune bangs shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ard Adz ting has been solidified for awhile now and really we should be talking about his independent grind alot more. He and fellow great rapper/GG veteran Bellzey roll back the years on this one with a tag team effort full of chemistry and no nonsense bars. But it’s superproducer Maniac who steals the show, bringing it all home with a powerful yet understated piano led beat that makes the whole thing sound like vintage Rap City (RIP).
Words: Von Pif

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December 15
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