Avelino and Not3s Work Magic With Nana Rogues On Tropical Flavoured “Boasy”

When Wretch 32 literally passed Avelino the torch as the lyricists lyricist of the next generation – first on Fire In The Booth then through a joint mixtape appropriately titled Young Fire, Old Flame – the younger rapper and fellow North London native seemed like the perfect pupil to champion. But while past performances and recent features show Avelino is still capable of grappling with as many rhyme schemes as Ghetts at his most possessed, or going concept for concept with Wretch 32 at his most indulged, two EP’s over the course of two years – 2015’s Raf Riley produced FYO and last year’s No Bullshit – show a man more concerned with being a master of ceremonies than indiscriminate shellers; who chooses to either supercharge songs such as on “U Can Stand Up” and “1 In A Million” with vocally challenging, dynamic performances, or coolly unspool his raps, a style best seen on “Origami”, where he elegantly summarised; “They’re turning lyricist into a dirty word, I’m just trying to make a million before my thirty first, Avelino isn’t limited but the business is”; or on his latest release from last week.

Poppy new single “Boasy” follows the pattern set by previous single “So Fine” in pairing the suave wordsmith with a strong R&B feature. WSTRN’s Haile soaring vocals are replaced by the swaggering delivery of hook king contender Not3s, and with Nana Rogues rugged but refined production directing proceedings, the chips fall into play with remarkable ease. “Imagine Biggie never had faith, I felt like Diddy when the cash came” recalls Avelino at the start of his verse, before relaying his come up with webbed wordplay like “I remember having joke girls take me for a joke, it was scary and now I pull up in the ghost” and other sly punchlines. He distills rather than dilutes his style for another strong account of his songwriting skills on the more commercial side of the spectrum. But the standout performance on the track is a tie between Not3s verse and hook contribution, and Nana Rogues club-focused, calypso tinged medley. The East London singer floats over a bed of slinky steelpans, chiming xylophone keys and silky flutes, turning in one of his strongest guest verses this year over the smoothest instrumental of the summer so far.

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July 20
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