B Joux Is In Winter Grind Mode On ‘Repeat’

This track is an anthem for the trappers out there; one of those songs that’ll get you back in your bag if you’re losing  motivation. The beat is a wave yet it’s by no means laid back, and B Joux laces it with the catchy chorus “eat, sleep, trap, repeat”, basically the everyday of your average hustler. In the first verse he talks about how he’s “focused on the pee”; following on, in the second verse we find out he’s been making this pee by having “no sleep and working all night”; B Joux then states in the last verse, that even after minimal sleep he wakes up and runs to secure the bag, AJ Tracey style.


With a track like this, I am sure that B Joux is on his way to securing the ultimate bag and if he keeps up this hustle, we’ll have B Joux on “Repeat” all winter.
Words: Denzil Bell

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November 15
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