Big Hypes FKA Lord Hypes Ups The Ante On ‘Hypestyle’

Mashtown have been making sly movements for awhile now. The trend setting rap collective from East London enjoyed a significant wave in and around the turn of the decade, and recent signs of life from members Asco and Margs show 2018 might be a year of resurgence. Hypo is an interesting prospect. Not exactly known for his rapping – as an ultimately deleted NFTR interview bore testament to – Hypo is ostensibly the head honcho of the group, either through sheer charisma or perhaps another road related reason which is neither here nor there. Personally I like to think it’s because he’s so braggadocious.

‘Hypestyle’ is Hypo’s latest tune since the Suspect and Rich The Kid featuring ‘Buss It Down’ (FYI the original without Rich The Kid is much better but you didn’t hear it from us), and continues the veteran London Fields rapper’s preference for American sounds and styles. The flow is skippy in the least British way possible and the instrumental is Americana as directed by Southside and Metro Boomin. Less lyrical flex and more flex flex, check out Hypo’s wanton disregard for frugality, and definitely take in Margs insightful and revealing NFTR interview.
Words: Von Pif

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February 5
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