Prez T, Paper Pablo & 9 Milli Major Combine On ‘Back With A Strap’

It’s a bit of a surprise to see Tottenham’s Bloodline make such a low key return, and if this is meant to signal their big return after a period of silence then it may not be enough. To hear members President T, Paper Pabs and 9 Milli Major over a beat that sounds inspired by the UK Drill sound isn’t new, the crew have flirted with beats that straddle the line between grime and rap for much of their existence, problem is this one with its ghostly melody doesn’t do much to separate it from the much younger rappers coming up in the game who don’t have the history like they do.

Prez T as always comes correct but compared to verses in the past this one lacks much of the feeling of surprise that came with a new Prez T verse, he often came across as the most idiosyncratic one on the track but now it feels like he has started to box himself into a corner. For Paper Pabs this beat is very much within his wheelhouse but even then he slightly comes across shaky the So Large punchline is a nice touch but otherwise it’s a very middling verse from him. 9 Milli on the hand proves to be the weakest MC on the song his verse feels detached, rushed almost they say less is more but in this case it fails to add anything to the track whatsoever.

Bloodline diehards will feel miffed about the lack of a verse from grime veteran Big H but in all honesty whether if an appearance from him would significantly improve the quality tune or not is one best left for the fans to decide.

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June 8
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