Carns Hill Plays With Flutes And Harps On T Mula’s Wintery ‘RDX’

It’s safe to say that over here at Warm & Easy, we’re massive supporters of Carns Hill. A man who’s been crafting beats for well over a decade now, and whose tireless work has helped make UK Rap evolve through several differing key stages, becoming a backbone in the careers of names as important as Blade Brown, Youngs Teflon, 67, and numerous others. Even now in 2018 after helping bring the new movement that is UK Drill to fruition, he’s still working tirelessly at pushing the boundaries of his production style. Here with T Mula of the 86, we can see that there’s no signs he’s thinking about taking a break from his tireless efforts, on the new single “RDX”.

On Carns’ side of the exchange, we have more of his new softer-tinged approach to UK Drill, favoring lavish orchestrations with flutes and harps as opposed to the greyscale piano lines that have dominated the scene outside of his offerings, which instantly paint a brighter and breezier mood than the industrial dread of the many other offerings this year in ‘harder’ rap tunes of the year. Naturally it seems suitable that the accompanying visuals are full of girls, weed, a brightly lit condo and the artists themselves (and friend Youngs Teflon in a casual cameo) relaxing and enjoying themselves. But beat aside, “RDX” finds T Mula having grown much more confident as an MC since the 86’s proper debut on the scene a few years prior, handling a solo record with remarkable ease, especially with so less conventional a record to help him stand out even next to his peers. While there’s no telling how well “RDX” is going to hit on the charts, it’s promising for T Mula and yet another reminder of Carns Hill’s impeccable skill as a beatmaker.

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June 8
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