Dave Picks Up Where He Left Off On Great New Single ‘Hangman’

South London’s Dave showcases his ability to pick apart real issues and tell stories in new single ‘Hangman’, produced by the perennially underrated Nana Rogues with accompanying visuals from Lx & Jeaniq. Their direction sees the 19 year old in a stripped back setting highly reminiscent of the freestyle videos artists release through YouTube channels like JDZMedia or MazzaTV; an MC rapping for a camera on a random road with his friends in the back, albeit with more cinematic edits.

Backed by a dark piano line and a haunting female vocal, Dave addresses his controversial comments regarding stop and search with trademark honesty, and provides a blitzkrieg breakdown of the issues plaguing Englands youth, specifically those in London. Young people dying at each other’s hands, kids smoking skunk and people dropping out of college due to succumbing to life on the road. Despite being around half the length of ‘Question Time’ the lead single from his Game Over EP, Dave says just as much on this track and you’d be foolish to ignore him.
Words: Sulaiman Fell

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March 1
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