AM & Skengdo Follow Up The Success Of 2Bunny With New Single “German Swerving”

Emerging from the wider 410 crew at the start of last year to pretty impressive results, it’s absolutely undeniable that Skengdo & AM and their infamous “2Bunny” tape wasn’t a smash success for the duo. Abandoning drill’s drive into straightforward aggression and tension into a style that relied on bold hooks and catchiness, and a surprisingly inexhaustible amount of ways to use ‘ching’ in a sentence (possibly peaking with THAT Charlie Sloth freestyle) Skengdo & AM have managed to do their best in selling themselves as major figures in the drill scene despite having a relatively smaller time in the music scene even when compared to their fellow crew members. Nonetheless, the public appears to be gravitating to them for a reason, and newest single “German Swerving” is certainly no indicator of any change on the group’s part to veer from what’s made them such a success.

The recently released video for “German Swerving” features the duo in a number of melancholy looking settings, and greets us with the familiarity of AM’s incisively sly bars and Skengdo’s stuttering adlibs and nimble flows. Arguably the most interesting new development is their single features production from Kayman & Bkay The Producer rather than their usual collaborator in D Proffit. Whether or not its an indication of a desire to switch up the formula from Skengdo & AM, who can say? All we can tell for certain is that the duo are still riding high from their rise, and don’t appear to be falling by the wayside any time soon.

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April 3
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