C36 Greets Us On A New Vibe With “Guten Tag”

Where we last left off with C36 on his earlier single “Taking Risks” we found the MC was one of the masked up chancers of drill attempting to make a name for himself with a distinctively choppy flow. Since then, he’s left the mask behind, but still appears hard at work to make himself one of the potential up and comers in the ever chaotic drill scene. His most recent single “Guten Tag” is a Mikabeats produced number with murky vibe that shows C36 backing away from the more gimmicky elements of UK Drill. And like his previous single, “Guten Tag” has enough rough elements to suggest C36 is one to watch for.

Mikabeats production here is paramount, with the baroque keys giving a much more ornamental and daresay continental vibe to dress the traditional heavy drums most drill fans are familiar with. Meanwhile, C36’s trademark flow is still being honed in sharply, now benefitting from a sharp and wicked sense of humor fueling his punchlines. The one-dimensional violence obsession that often populates drill has been left behind for a lot of cheeky bars about girls, drugs and of course the occasional knife or two and gives you a more general character. Perhaps in the near future we shouldn’t be surprised to see C36 leave drill behind for new avenues in rap, because he certainly has the ability to stand out even among less hyped circles. For now however, “Guten Tag” is a satisfying return from one of 2018’s potential contenders.

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August 10
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