Generations Unify As 67’s LD & Dizzee Rascal Tag-Team On “Stepped In”
In an unprecedented moment, arguably two of the best in grime and drill join forces, with LD and Dizzee Rascal spitting hard on "Stepped In".

Hot off the success of their most recent album The 6, one might think that the rappers in 67 would be interested in taking a break. However, now that the dust has settled from the album, it appears there’s still work to be done as members Dimzy and LD have both announced solo projects to soon emerge. In the case of LD’s The Masked One, anticipation is high as the tape supposedly features production from Show N Prove and Carns Hill, as well as a myriad of features. However, the most fascinating gesture is his lead in single “Stepped In” which features an unlikely collaborator in one of the greatest names of UK Urban Music himself, Dizzee Rascal. Curve balls such as this suggest that even on his ones for a full-length, LD is itching to prove himself. And many listeners shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that “Stepped In” just does that.

For anyone who may have found LD’s presence on The 6 rather slight compared to earlier projects, or who’s heard his recent “Gold” Remix and grown worried the rapper had gotten soft over the years, throw those thoughts away. Over a lurching beat, LD sounds in peak form whether its the traditional drill we’ve come to expect from the 67’s lead rapper, or the hyper-distorted turn the beat takes for his second verse. However, the attention naturally has to shift to Raskit trying to match his flows to a production style rather foreign to him. While the verse seems a bit scattered lyrically, it’s a technically impressive performance that certainly does remind us that Dizzee’s versatility is still an untapped well of creativity which may still be tested in his later years. “Stepped In” is certainly an impressive ‘warning shot’ in advance of The Masked One, and if the rest of the oncoming project is close to matching these quality levels, perhaps LD’s solo career shall prove just as fruitful as his group endeavors.

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September 7
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