Loose1’s New Tricks For “Off White” Are Quite Familiar

Nothing is a bigger testimonial for having a concrete impact than influence in the music game. Money’s illusive, records on the charts are often outright fraudulent, but watch people start to look, dress and yes SOUND like you, and the power is in your hand. A brief scroll through the various Youtube Channels and you can easily find who’s borrowing a little bit of swag from whom like a Scavenger Hunt of clout, but when does it become borrowing and when does it feel like something all to your own? That’s the question we have for Loose1 of the #1011 on his newest tune “Off White”.

Longtime fans and random listeners have certainly made it known that the most recent Loose1 release reminds them of another rapper, specifically the man known as K-Trap. There’s certainly an argument to be made there, as Loose1’s commissioned Slay Products for the instrumentals that have helped make K-Trap feel like a singular presence and likewise Loose1’s gone into the heavily detailed tales of coke slinging and lavish living. But all that being said, the hallucinatory beat and the sinister imagery are some of the best material that either Loose or Slay have provided in their still rising careers yet, giving the record a slickness that feels just the slightest edge away from their potential influence. Perhaps with some more time, Loose1 will manage to spin-off into a whole new formula all on his own, but for now, he’s done very well in adapting to the times and crafting a banger that fans can enjoy.

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July 13
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