Fredo Is Going To Blow With Or Without A Label

Forget rap and forget London. Is there another artist in the whole of the UK so in need of a record deal, yet so close to succeeding independently in spite of that infrastructure, as young thoroughbred Fredo? There’s no substitute for street buzz, a type of momentum labels still can’t manufacture. The kind of constant thirst from fans capable of withstanding time away from music, the public eye and even civilised society. Despite a stop-and-start career, Fredo can still drop a new video and expect it to hit a million views in the space of a school week, but labels run away from the kind of unexplained absences he is prone to, or at least they do in the UK. In America he’d have a single deal by now, at least.

Legal issues from the recent past are addressed with signature indifference on latest release ‘Rapping & Trapping’, a title that will only have detractors admitting he does at least one of the two well when it’s far too late. In typical Fredo fashion he rhymes “beat the case” with “Lateysha Grace”, “d for days” and other tightly packed boasts, a calculated delivery finding the perfect foil in JB Productions cold, minimal contribution. Whether this is the first single from forthcoming project ‘Tables Turn’ remains to be seen, but the second mixtape since last years “Get Rich or Get Recalled” is scheduled to drop on February 11th. July 7th is another big date, with Fredo set to perform at a little known festival in Finsbury Park called Wireless, we’ll have a much better idea of whether he needs a label or not by then. Hopefully he won’t be on vacation.
Words: Von Pif

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February 3
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