Kojo Funds Teams With Bugzy Malone On “Who Am I” To Provide A Curveball

Since his rise in the last few years, Kojo Funds has been working hard on developing a sound that’s become one of the premier styles of UK Urban Music. As one of the premier architects of the sound that’s been labeled ‘afroswing’ along with the likes of his one-time rival J Hus, Kojo’s career has blossomed to see him go from minor talent to a premier star featuring and releasing many a hit single. However, with his career continuing to develop, Kojo appears to be wary of pigeonholing and has managed to defy any expectations that longtime fans or casual listeners might have for him with his newest single “Who Am I”. With production by Remedee and a guest verse from Bugzy Malone, “Who Am I” is exciting as it’s not only a strong contender for one of Kojo Funds’ best singles to date, but a demonstration that there’s even more tricks up his sleeve than one might expect.

Instead of opting to continue down the same route as before with his post-afrobeats inspired material, Kojo’s latest single finds him instead adjusting to the tempos of UK Garage. Remedee’s production skills are in full effect as he plys his trade to the style with ease, and likewise Kojo’s melodic flows are somehow perfectly in sync with the retro-rave stylings. Bugzy on the other hand provides a denser counterpoint with his guest verse, allowing for some interesting chemistry on a tune that isn’t the typical offering for either of these men. Top it all off with a video featuring an urban environment just on the edges of a hi-tech future (the kind of thing folks would insist looks straight out of Blade Runner), you’ve got a radical departure for Kojo Funds with “Who Am I” that leaves listeners questioning if they really know what they’ve bargained for with an artist like him.

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August 10
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