Giggs Takes Us Into His Harsh Reality With Surprise Appearance On Berlin Based COLORS

As a pioneer and still productive force that will forever be synonymous with the UK Rap scene and its progression, Giggs’ sound might have mellowed a bit but his voice still bares the pain from his backstory, always delivered in his trademark bassweight tone. Last year he reached #2 in the UK charts with the release of Wamp 2 Dem, a commercial mixtape cast as the response to the backlash and goading from American Twitter following a show stealing verse on Drake’s ‘KMT’. One of the standout tracks from that tape, ‘The Essence’ was praised for its gritty content and Giggs’ ability to convey an emotional story in that style without glamorising the life that he used to live.

Recently he linked up with esteemed music platform COLORS in order to give a sobering performance of the aforementioned track, and it sounds just as good live as it does in a digital format. I wonder if Giggs has something brewing this year following the release of SN1 cohort Tiny Boost. Nevertheless, this is a good watch and the song has been given a visual that will give it the exposure and acclaim that it deserves.

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May 11
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