Giggs Contribution To Richard Russell’s Everything Is Recorded Gets The Visual Treatment

XL Recordings has managed, since its inception back in 1989, to become one of the biggest and most commendable prestige music labels not only in the history of England, but of popular music in general. With names such as the likes of Adele, MIA, Dizzee Rascal, The Prodigy, and so many others who have made massive impressions on music in the last few decades. Of course a great reason for that has been the guiding hand of label head and occasional producer/artist Richard Russell, who has recently gone more into the music game directly as a producer/orchestrater, going under the alias Everything is Recorded. His most recent outing is a record with former XL artist Giggs, titled “Early This Morning”.

In many ways, a record like this throws back into the recent past of XL featuring vocals from the late Gil-Scott Heron whose final album New York Is Killing Me featured Russell’s production and some of the deceased poet/singer’s final work. With the morbid synths and the ghostly presence of the icon behind him, Giggs sounds somber than ever before, throwing back to his slower flows from the era that saw him on XL becoming one of the standouts of the then nascent road rap scene. Tied together with professional cinematic visuals, it’s a complete package of artistry that demonstrates just how XL have managed to keep themselves as a vital link to the industry for various music scenes across time, and how Russell’s Everything is Recorded project is a wonderful treat for fans of music serviced by as tireless and as unconventional a label as XL.

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May 17
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