Grime Veteran Lioness Enlists An All-Star Cast Of Female MC’s For Posse Cut “DBT Remix”

Sometimes, the concept of the ‘posse cut’ feels like a dime a dozen in music and sometimes it really does feel like a treat. More often than not in the last few years, your DJ Khaled type A&Red anthems just end up feeling more overstuffed with celebrities mugging for attention than the next big summer blockbuster coming into theaters. More often than not, its the solo remix that really tends to feel like an event nowadays but there’s always room for exception. ESPECIALLY when the exception is the rarity of an all female UK MC posse cut, and that’s what we have here as grime veteran Lioness enlists and all-star cast for the remix of the “DBT” riddim.

Now, not only is the gender imbalance on a rap record a little bit topsy turvy for once, with 6 respected female MCs on a track together with no vocal male presences, but its commendable that each of these credible talents brings their respective A Games. Whether it’s so called ‘elders’ in the music scene such as Stush and Shystie or the younger generation represented by Little Simz and Lady Leshurr, you have to sit back and take in the attempt made to not only provide pointed lyricism from a female perspective but the age-old desire to just rap one’s ass off and leave everyone else on the track in the dust. Don’t let the novelty of this record leave you dismissive, this “DBT Remix” is quite the accomplishment in 2018 that deserves all the notice it can get, and should most certainly become a habit the music scene might want to consider indulging in the future.

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May 11
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