One Of East London’s Most Agile Lyricists In Maxsta Returns With Section Boyz Inch For “Guns & Roses”

The two worlds of Grime & Road Rap have more often than not felt on two sides of the greater coin of the UK Urban Music Scene at times. Artists have crossed over from one field to the other, sometimes to greater successes and other times to pretty embarrassing results. Nethertheless, it’s never been a strict competition and on at least a few occasions we’ve seen acts from both sides of the fence try to meet halfway and work together to unite their followings. Most recently, East London’s Maxsta and South London’s Inch of the Section Boyz have united for the track “Guns & Roses”, one of the more pleasant cases in recent times of talents from both grime and rap uniting to perfect harmony.

In some respects, it feels perfect that the instrumental of “Guns & Roses”, done by Maxsta himself, feels reminiscent of the more emotive works from the Ruff Sqwad camp over a decade ago; Ruff Sqwad themselves flirted with the boundaries of Garage and Hip-Hop in a way that pushed boundaries and likewise he and Inch are managing to do more of the same. While Section Boyz and other UK Hip-Hop acts flirtations with grime in the last year feel more like publicity/blog moves more often than not, Inch sounds perfectly at home and works as a rough and direct counterpoint to Maxsta’s weaving and swaying MC style. It’s an exemplary performance between the both of them, and a benefit to both genres of UK music.

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April 17
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