“Drivers” Finds President T Still Focused Behind The Wheel
The lead single off his There's Only One album, President T's "Drivers" finds the Bloodline veteran still solid after all these years.

While the likes of Skepta, JME, Big H and even Meridian Dan (to a degree) appear to be the most ‘essential’ names to emerge from the Meridian Crew, now best known as the Bloodline grime crew, any grime fan would tell you that the most distinct MC out of the crew is most certainly President T. With a career on the mic going past a decade, and many an iconic set punctuated by his trademark flow and ‘Kill off Killy’ catchphrase, it is surprising that it’s only been in the past few years that T has gone full steam with releasing full-length projects that have engaged both longtime fans and recent converts. This year, he’s preparing his fourth album There’s Only OneĀ and as a hint of what’s to come, Prez-T’s given us visuals with the whiteboy produced cut “Drivers”.

Not to sound astonished, but it’s certainly impressive that even in the close of 2018, President T is still effortless and competent on the mic in grime, and “Drivers” doesn’t indicate any rust settling. The beat has a grim, gothic orchestral feel complimented by rattling snares and thudding bass that should shake any vehicle to its foundations. All the while, T’s gravelly tone and sidewinder flows are ever fascinating, combining his technical expertise with dark imagery to help maintain the sinister vibes. Compared to other singles dropped in the last year, “Drivers” is the right amount of effort with just the slightest bit of rawness to suggest that while not quite the young man we’ve heard before, President T is still one of the men in grime’s underground that’s always worth keeping tabs on.

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September 9
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