Nothing But Dark Times In East London For Roachee’s “Dark Ages”

One of the hardest to ever do it, Roachee has remained one of the heroes of the classic generation of grime MCs. The East London Sith Lord, a man who can claim the unique boast of being in the top tier of crews such as Roll Deep and Ruff Sqwad, has never stopped working to deliver quality music time and time again. Earlier this year, he returned to provide us with his latest EP, Dark Ages, one of the few grime projects from an older MC that’s solely devoted to serious topics but never shies from hard bars and even harder beats. From this EP, he’s released the official video for his single of that same name, demonstrating that even well over a decade into his career he’s still someone to respect and be wary of.

“Dark Ages” visuals is a lot of foreboding midnight shots of East London and plenty of Roachee, looking stern and menacing, but also as weathered as a man who’s lived life hard. For all the years however, he hasn’t seemed to lose a step for as calm and eerie as the video is, Roachee’s lyrics describe London like an apocalyptic nightmare. Hard to believe that through all the trials and tribulations, his flow still remains impeccable and overwhelming. While the newest generation of grime have been a major factor in putting the genre back on the map for the mainstream, elders like Roachee are the caliber of MC that they and many others should do their best to aspire to.

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July 13
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