Harlem Spartans YG’s Do The Blixxy Twirl And Other Cool Stuff In “Ed, Edd & Eddy”

The Harlem Spartans have to be one of the most prestigious and the most unlucky sort of rap crews to emerge from South London in the last year or so. Currently, the crew has suffered a shift in momentum due to several key members dealing with stints of incarceration (with affiliate Loski only recently dropping his debut mixtape to capitalize on underground hits such as “Hazards” and “Teddy Bruckshot”) not to mention their history of being plagued by sessions being leaked to the public before a proper release could capitalize on their growing buzz. However, while the main crew is in disarray, younger affiliates appear to be stepping up to try and keep the name of Harlem Spartans alive to some degree while the main camp reorganizes and waits for several key figures to return. On new record “Ed, Edd & Eddy”, rappers OnDrills, LM and NM step up to the plate, but are they capable of holding down the fort?

If we’ll be honest, it’s best to treat “Ed, Edd & Eddy” as some sort of a demo or showcase instead of a potential hit, because it’s not even capable of following the particular formula of the Spartans that allowed them to stick out from the pack and establish such an impressive aura early on. In particular, OnDrills doesn’t even use similar slang or rhyme patterns as his olders, presenting a weirdly mixed message with his repping, while members LM and NM are similar enough and present a rough sort of charm with their attempts at slang juggling and wordplay. Can we expect more and better from these talents based on such an early outing? For right now it’s too early to say, but lots of work has to be done if they’re going to help restore the name of the Harlem Spartans to that level of prestige from last year’s time.


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July 2
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