Ocean Wisdom Finds Every Pocket and Groove on “Tom & Jerry”

Over the past 6 months, underground UK Hip Hop as an art form, that stemmed from the successes of the likes of Skinnyman, Klashnekoff and Task Force, went through a process by where the rest of the UK’s ears perked up once more. They have a lot to thank Ocean Wisdom for. The Brighton based, London born MC, known as one of the fastest rappers of all time and for his multi-syllabic rhyme schemes coupled with percussive, melodic double time flows, single-handedly reinvigorated a stagnant UKHH scene that seemingly had boxed itself in to a corner. His critically acclaimed album “Wizville” included outrageous features from the likes of the legendary Method Man (on the track Ting Dun) and grime veteran Dizzee Rascal (on the track Revvin’), which in turn made his style and artistic direction unpredictable and impossible to pin down. Once you start to think you have the man and the MC sussed out, he would drop something completely left field to throw you off. This is the case for the single and the visuals for ‘Tom and Jerry’, featured on the FIFA 19 soundtrack.

Produced by High Focus Records associate and underground legend Leaf Dog, who uses his experience with working with the likes of Kool G Rap and KRS One to his advantage on this track by producing a beat that would not seem out of place in the golden era of hip-hop. Throughout the track, aided by animated visuals depicting the narrative being described, Ocean Wisdom informs us of the relatable trials and tribulations a creative individual experiences to advance in a negative lifestyle fuelled by temptation while also expressing the exceptional feeling of success after issues have been overcome. He effortlessly switches between satirical and serious perspectives through catchy hooks sandwiched between verses fuelled by flows that balance between passive aggression and melancholy. It makes it easy to believe why FIFA would choose this track to partially represent the UK scene in their latest venture. While the name “Ocean Wisdom” is on the lips of everyone who finds themselves scurrying to the depths of YouTube, away from the predictable, generic, over-produced, xylophone-tinged, nonsensical form of rap, to the raw, outlandish and unapologetically British form of hip-hop, it still feels his mainstream introduction is long overdue.

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September 12
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