J Hus Delights Fans With Surprise EP ‘Big Spang’, A Short But Sweet Preview Of Things To Come

East London’s J Hus had an amazing 2017 at the forefront of a new wave of rap influenced by elements of afroswing and dancehall. His debut album Common Sense was successful on both a critical and commercial level, praised in particular for the production by producer and close friend JAE5, J Hus’ natural ability to put us in his shoes, and the albums immense replay value. Last Friday, Hus gave a preview of what the follow-up to that project might sound like with surprise release Big Spang, a three song EP which again features production from the likes of JAE5 and TSB.

The new release serves as a reminder of why J Hus has earned such a sterling reputation so far. Since hooking up with JAE5, his body of work has been a testament to the power of synergy and shared vision. From a personal standpoint, I believe that when an artist has an understanding with their producer, their music will be much, much better.

As a result of that, Big Spang is a successful evolution of the sound first heard on Common Sense. Hus lyrics and delivery sound more considered, both charming and chilling when necessary, and the production is typically gorgeous. This EP sounds fresh but don’t just take my word for it. Have a listen!

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June 5
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