Jamilah Barry Delivers on Downtempo R&B Vibe “Voix de Raison”
Last week saw Leeds songstress Jamilah Barry release Salix Babylonica, a soul soaked 8-track EP of smooth R&B, tinged with a distinctive jazz edge.

The last year has seen a renaissance in British R&B and soul, with the likes of Ella Mai, Mahalia and Taliwhoah flying the flag for the resurgence. It was only a matter of time before more roses found their way through the concrete and Jamilah Barry is the latest soulful songstress to blossom through the cracks. Hailing from Leeds, last week saw her releasing her debut project, Salix Babylonica, a soul soaked 8-track collection of smooth R&B, tinged with a distinctive jazz edge. Today we bring you one of the standout cuts from the tape, “Voix de Raison”. 

Produced by Uno Nam, the sultry yet down-tempo vibe, allows Jamilah to deliver moving lyricism, paired with an impressive vocal range. “‘Voix de Raison’ is the French translation for voice of reason,” Jamilah Barry told Warm And Easy via email. “The song centres on the voice that goes through one’s head and the mental battles we face daily. I think we’ve all got an internal voice of reason as well as a voice of doubt, ego and for some, the voice of God. Mine is one that I speak with 24/7 and one that challenges me throughout every reflective stage and battle in my life.” She adds that “being both a woman and black, I’m aware that inescapably, we are instantly landed with a gift, but also tremendous hardships placed on us by society – and that’s before any consideration to the struggles we face merely being human beings. The intersections of all these things is a very important topic that I feel needs to be discussed more widely in society.”

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September 7
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