Jordan Rakei Shares First New Material Since Wallflower With New Track ‘Wildfire’

Since Jordan Rakei moved from Brisbane to London in 2014, he has been on a roll. 2016 saw him releasing Cloak, an album where he offered up a distinct take on neo-soul, managing to fuse contemporary soul, jazz and hip-hop into a curious and rich gumbo. Following on from this he released 2017’s Wallflower, which showcased Rakei’s skill and versatility in blending electronic r&b and soulful jazz, managing to capture a sonic and emotional awareness way beyond his 25 years. These records allowed him to tour worldwide this past year, enabling him to touch the people and make them hungry for more music. Thankfully he appeased their appetite with his recent release ‘Wildfire’.

‘Wildfire’ is Jordan’s first new track since releasing Wallflower in September last year. The track is a sweetly sung, neo-soul groove and his exceptionally jazzy vocals sit atop warm piano keys, effortlessly understated guitar licks and a head nodding snare and kick. Rakei says that “Wildfire is about dealing with a broken friendship. It explores how necessary it is to allow yourself to move on after you’ve been hurt and how holding a grudge affects your well-being”. Jordan adds “I often write about the concept of overthinking, but this track deals with acceptance for the sake of peace of mind”.

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May 17
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