K-Trap Gets Ready For The Re-Up With New Single ‘A To B’

K-Trap has gathered a reputation amongst UK rap fans in regards to both the infrequency at which he puts out new songs and the consistent level of quality and excitement that comes from every new single. New single ‘A To B’ is the first release off upcoming project The Re-Up and a textbook example of what he does best.

What’s always striking about K-Trap is his ability to bring a writerly perspective to what some would see as an exhausted and myopic subgenre of rap in UK drill. He always lets the listener in on his inner monologue, praying that he makes it back home safe from the latest trip, contemplating how he went from push bikes to play parks as a child to chopping up rocks with a razor, bringing up how his latest fling wants to go Harrods to buy heels and dresses but before that she needs to hold a pack for him. These kind of details often wiz by but they contribute to the greater picture of his tunes overall, which sets him apart from much of the scene.

His presence can often overpower some of the rather placid beats that he ends up rapping over, but when the production is right his flow tends to steamroll over whatever he raps over, similarly to AM out of 410, refusing to waste time or energy once he gets on the track. In some ways K Trap comes across like a more efficient version of Young Scooter but with just as much attention put into on work ethic and what goes into the lifestyle and the consequences of that.

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June 11
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