Knighthood Deliver Us A Gem In The Form Of ‘PUURPJXNES’

Comprised of Henny, Nicki and Caj Knightz, the Knighthood Society first came to the fore in 2009. With a mission statement of slick hip hop for social outsiders, the three found solace in a shared approach to creating art that stands out rather than blends in. But sadly the group were struck by tragedy early on in their journey; the death of close friend and fellow member Caj Knightz. This could have spelt the end for their musical aspirations, but instead of calling it a day, Henny and Nicki used the pain as fuel for their fire. Diamonds are created by this kind of pressure.

Today we bring you their latest gem in the form of ‘PUURPJXNES’, which was born out of pure frustration. The song is their outburst from the outskirts, and features the two underdogs riding a soulful Henny Knightz production and spitting “tales of the often unheard and unnoticed introverts”. Directed by the Unlimited, the video see’s the Hackney duo flexing on the block, sporting a swagger that is undeniably suave and lyrics two steps ahead of their peers. Those who don’t hear will at least feel the artistic intent.
Words: Denzil Bell

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March 13
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