Knucks Wows With ‘Vows’

Locked in to Ralph Hardy’s Nang Selection show on Radar Radio, I found myself hooked on the sounds of talented rapper and producer Knucks within a matter of seconds. The song playing was ‘From Rome With Love’, and it’s a beautiful demonstration of his ability to create luscious beats, utilising soothing soul and jazz samples, and ride these instrumentals with supreme, unhurried ease. Having to hear more I typed his name into YouTube and found perhaps his most popular track, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. The video as you would expect pays homage to iconic 1960’s film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Knucks’ cutting lyrics carve out a story of teenage life worthy of the coming of age classic. Knucks talent lies in flipping dusty samples and layering them with wavy lyrics; you can almost picture them in your head.

Over the past year he’s given us a string of loosies, including ’21 Candles’, ‘Turnover’ and ‘Frostbite’, getting us ready for the winter with ice cold beats and equally frosty bars. So it’s fitting that just before 2018 he gifts us with another tune and video, in the shape of ‘Vows’. The first time I hear the track, all I could say is wow. The beat Knucks creates is from another planet. He samples Michael Jackson’s ‘The Lady In My Life’ and adds hard hitting drum kicks to it; just the beat itself will have you skanking in your room. In the track he raps about not being able to stick to vows, as he is too busy on his grind, and we can only hope that this grind culminates in an official body of work landing very soon. If he keeps up this hustle he’ll be making a lot of noise in 2018.
Words: Denzil Bell

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December 31
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