Lancey Foux Drops a Taster of PINK 2 With The Hallucinatory “Speed Demon”

Lancey Foux is an eccentric East London native, forging his own identity as an unorthodox up-and-coming music artist. He’s been quietly releasing music in 2018, but he has yet to stir up a storm with his previous releases. However, it wasn’t long until we received confirmation of an impending project. On the 1st July, he announced the release date for his next project entitled PINK 2which follows on from his debut EP PINK. Lancey Foux is back and ready to step into the limelight with the release of his brand new visual “Speed Demon”.

“Speed Demon” is the third release from his upcoming project PINK 2. However “Starstruck” has been the first and thus far most favourable single, although it’s still relatively early. The helter-skelter music visual is currently bordering 100K views on YouTube and it’s still climbing. Lancey Foux flexes his signature rap and croon medley on the racy handiwork of Jay Trench. It’s a befitting production for a left-field artist who drags out the depth of the drop before shifting it into third gear. The cross between intense colours and retro video game footage make “Speed Demon” a hallucinatory trip. The disorientating visual isn’t a long shot from the intoxicating sonics of the production that’s been captured by Casper Masi. I’ve often found that listening to Lancey Foux isn’t the easiest feat for any ordinary music listener. You’ve got to have an acquired taste for the unusual in order to be able to enjoy the experience. But don’t sleep on the music deviant that is Lancey Foux because one thing about his latest offering is that it’s definitely a grower. Watch the visual to his first single, “Starstruck”, and keep an eye out for his forthcoming project PINK 2, which drops this Friday 6th July.

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July 4
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