London YG Gets Into His Own Stride With A Visual For The Pensive ‘Versus’

London YG just unleashed the visual for his latest track ‘Versus’, a calming effort that is both profound and elevating. He’s somewhat of an enigma with a sparse online presence and a few tracks on Soundcloud. Hailing from South East London, London YG has been loading up until this moment; although, his catalogue is minimal it is foreboding of what is yet to come.

‘Versus’ sees London YG step into the spotlight and let loose in an empty, dark room. He opens up with a cold statement declaring that he will no longer be held back anymore, and goes on to unload lyrics from deep within. London YG finds himself spilling and lamenting on past events, delivering deep lyrics on sample-laced production with distorted Frank Ocean (Lost) vocals flickering in the background. The visual isn’t overtly flashy, but it still captures the essence of the single. Watch the video to ‘Versus’ and keep an eye out for his album, ‘London Road’, which is currently in the works.

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May 12
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