Lsow Impresses With Super Smooth R&B Cut “No No”

I first heard of Lsow from the song “Raid”, a track he produced for House of Pharoahs. It was early 2017 and I was just finding my feet in journalism. At the time, I was looking everywhere and anywhere for the freshest sounds in the alternative rap spectrum and Soundcloud is where the gems lay. So, I was surfing Soundcloud as you do and “Raid” hit me like a lighting bolt. Lsow’s production was on another level; it sounded like something taken from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack, but he managed to inject it with some venom, layering it with epic 808s. I had to find more. Fast forward to this past summer and I stumble upon “Purest”, produced and vocaled by Lsow. The instrumental is ethereal, with snickering snares serving as the backdrop and Lsow proceeds to ride the beat with bars of gold. His latest track “No No” continues in the same vein, showcasing vocals and production of the highest level.

Produced by Trackout Record’s Kamo Beats; the track is a super smooth R&B cut, which takes influence from Future and Jaheim and is perfect for the incoming cuffing season. Over email, the South London artist told Warm And Easy that he created the song to “send a message and relate to others, on how hard miscommunication in relationships can be and how easy it is to get lost in your feelings”. Overall, the track is a perfect introduction to the Trackout Records founder and showcases the sound he is currently crafting, mixing UK/US styles into a fusion he calls ‘Trackout’.

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September 13
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