Mahalia Sets Her Sights Onwards With ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’

You’re probably wondering if you read the title correctly. And I’m here to say, yes, you did. But who in the world would possibly want to hear from an estranged partner? Honestly I couldn’t tell you, but one thing I’m certain of is that Mahalia isn’t concerned with the past. She’d been a recording artist since 2012, but the rapidly rising singer from Leicester took over our screens with a performance of Sober on Colors eleven months ago, and has since managed to win the scene over, counting collaborators such as Kojey Radical and Little Simz on her last few releases.

Mahalia doesn’t shy away from matters related to the heart, and her newest single is a song for those trying to escape from the unrequited affection of a past lover. “I Wish I Missed My Ex” drafts in producer Maths Time Joy and see’s the songstress crooning over the triumphant roar of trumpets, basking in the relief that comes with dodging a bullet. It’s a joyful piece where the cards seem to be stacked in her favour and her eyes are fully open.

The music video which was directed by Andrew Litten and shot in Los Angeles, California sources inspiration from the classic ‘Drop’ video by Pharcyde and features Mahalia walking around the town in reverse. She puts on a great performance considering she had to learn how to recite her lyrics backwards. A feat she achieve in the space of two days and performed in a shoot that lasted over 22 hours. You’ve got to respect the graft, and if this anything to go by then the only way is up.

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June 14
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