“Did You See” Shows GB, Screw And Mayski Have Come A Long Way From “Moscow March”

As Drill spent a majority of last year going from ‘niche interest’ to ‘full-fledged movement’, one of the smaller crews who managed to put their names into the conversation were Moscow 17. Earning spots on compilations and releasing videos with hundreds of thousands of views, they felt like logical contenders for a place in the scene, yet their infamy was unfortunately most determined with the violent death of crew member GB. The group has since continued onward despite the loss, releasing a number of tracks in this year to keep their momentum and perhaps establish them beyond the chaos of the scene at large. Interestingly, the most recent video is for the record “Did You See?” which features posthumous vocals from none other than GB, serving as a bittersweet memorial for the young talent.

Featuring visuals comprised of social media scrapbook footage of the late GB, and a hook that repurposes a well-known J Hus chorus into a more personal and rapid-fire version, “Did You See?” is meat & potatoes drill that demonstrates the group at their best without trying to dress up the record any extra to make the novelty of GB’s final recordings seem ‘poignant’. Production provided by G8FREQ and SBGotBangers is fairly run-of-the-mill for 2017, which as well is a bit dated currently, but also features some curious usage of autotune (a rarity for drill even this far along in the scene). Meanwhile, members Loosescrew and Mayski are still capable on mic and appear to lack any sort of trepidation following the loss of a friend and collaborator as they launch of numerous threats and brags with ease. Perhaps this loss will not prevent their careers from achieving heights unseen, but let’s hope that these men and the rest of the scene can reap the rewards without having to sacrifice as much as they’ve had to.

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July 2
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