Clue Drops New Visuals As He Lines Up A New Mixtape And Potential Tour

Clue is a veteran from the early days of YouTube channels like Rap City and sites like RobeWorld. The OG reality rapper from South London is a good example of an artist who’s flourishing almost ten years later in this multi-platform and generally much more user friendly music scene we have today. Following his release from Her Majestys at the top of last year, Clue has kept up a consistent workrate, with his latest offering  ‘Free Smoke’ being the third official project he’s dropped since coming out of jail.

Clues output seems to be keeping his audience happy, as he follows the important formula of putting out new music and backing it up with visuals. ‘Back To The Wall’ is no different with video featuring OJB mainstay Reepz to coincide with the new Clue tape.

Having seamlessly transitioned to the popular drill/grime tempos of today, and already amassing a bigger catalogue than he had previously, Clue seems intent on adapting and capitalising on the new mechanisms UK artists have at their disposal in 2017.

The path to becoming a successful rapper in is still difficult in a uniquely British way, but now more than ever it seems success is increasingly possible.

With shows announced via Insta the only thing to see now is if he will be allowed to flourish.


Stream and download Clue’s brand new mixtape ‘Free Smoke’ here


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September 11
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