Tyga Makes Up For Lack Of Talent By Robbing Waves From Lotto Boyzz And More

In the past week, one of the stranger controversies has come from a very typical source of problems. American rapper Tyga, best known for his time on Cash Money as a part of Lil’ Wayne’s “Young Money” imprint/collective, released his most recent album, Kyoto, featuring a song which many have taken as a copy of the single “Hitlist” by the Birmingham-based group Lotto Boyz. The song in question, “Faithful” is an obviously UK afrobeats inspired track, featuring a guest appearance by Tory Lanez. The incredible similarities between his record and the Lotto Boyz single has in fact been acknowledged by the group on their twitter after fans detected the similarities between the two. Tyga has frequently acknowledged a growing interest in UK artists such as J Hus in recent time, so the odds that a record such as “Hitlist” was on his radar is more than likely.

Curiously, this is coming only a month or so after Atlanta rapper Bali Baby accused Tyga of ripping off her song with Unotheactavist, “Not a Love Song” for Kyoto’s lead-off single “Boss Up”, which resulted in her record being taken off streaming services. While no resolution to this controversy was made public, it sets an unfortunate precedent for Tyga taking liberties with other artists who lack his exposure. Granted, other US artists have borrowed or taken influence from the growing sound, but when an artist such as Drake can ensure proper accreditation occurs, it makes the irresponsible business practices of Tyga all the more suspicious. While no official statement has been made by Lotto Boyz or their management with regards to how they will proceed going further, we hope that they and the rest of the UK scene take notes going onward in protecting themselves and their music.
Words: Maxwell Cavaseno

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February 26
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