Wiley Teases Material From Forthcoming Autobiography ‘Eskiboy’

When Wiley announced he’d be teaming up with Penguin Random House to publish an autobiography, you could almost feel the collective smile of not only the Grime scene, but every urban music scene in the UK, fighting to slap itself across your single, angular face. Richard Kylea Cowie is a legit musical genius, and although this genius is starting to get recognised, the true measure of his national treasure status is still very much an underground secret. Hopefully ‘Eskiboy’ brings the finer details to light. 

The good people at Cracked Magazine got the scoop in form of a lengthy, exclusive extract + pictures package. Read it here then pre-order the book so when it’s released on November 3rd you’ll be primed to receive your very own exclusive kind of.
Words: Von Pif

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November 1
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