Clue And Cadet Sounds Good On Paper And Even Better On ‘My Ting’

Chemistry is a funny thing, and with rappers it takes some odd sorts of combos to get the right sort of mix on a track to really be satisfying. With Cadet, you’ve got one of the most clever, an insatiable personality who loves to play lyrical games and do winding trails with his concepts and bars. Meanwhile with Clue, you’ve got a man with unquestionable background and pedigree, who dominates tracks with brute force and efficiency and knows how to craft a banger. Both men easily have their strengths, but as a combined force, perhaps you wouldn’t imagine that the pair of them are the smoothest of partnerships. Yet on recent single “My Ting”, its much to fans surprise that the duo seem to work in perfect harmony.

How “My Ting” manages to hook the listener is pretty self explanatory in itself. Clue comes in with the hook and the basic rhyme scheme that’s intrinsically catchy and easy to follow, but does his part to ensure that you understand it’s all serious business. Right after that, Cadet follows first with a melodic approach and then a deviation into his usual tongue-twister trickery. The simple yet effective one-two approach allows for such a fairly typical record to be boosted by the contrasting approaches of these two mic generals of the UK scene. Perhaps if we’re lucky, the both of them will continue to pair up on record and we’ll have more to enjoy, but for now, “My Ting” is just a solid effort from both these MCs.

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May 12
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