With “Chop My Money”, iLL Blu Carve Themselves A Slice Of The Pie
On their newest single "Chop My Money", featuring vocals from some of the best rap talents around, music veterans iLL Blu demonstrate immaculate skill.

Over a decade in the music industry to their name, the duo of Def 1 and Jreel best known as iLL Blu have proven repeatedly to be production geniuses of the highest order. First emerging in the UK Funky scene, they became respectable names with anthems such as “Frontline” & “Say Yes” or their remixes for the likes of Shystie and Cheryl Cole among others, eventually landing releases on influential labels such as Numbers and Hyperdub as well to cement their reputation with audiences from all walks. In the past few years however, they’ve evolved into a respectable production team for rappers such as Sneakbo, Mostack and Krept + Konan thanks to a balance of rough-edged genre-defying grooves and pop sensibilities. Now, iLL Blu appear to be positioning themselves as the main attraction again, with their newest single “Chop My Money”. Featuring vocals from the likes of ZieZie, Krept + Konan and Loski, it’s a modern update of their older styles, blending genre to magnificent effect.

Naturally, the production is a sensational blend of RnBass, UK Funky, Afrobeat and Dancehall that makes your average attempt at a dancefloor smasher by less experienced producers pale by comparison. The moving between the hard basslines and the nostalgic string lick feel like a history of the darker and more urban sides of UK Dance Music within the last decade. On the verse front, Krept and Konan provide a decent counterbalance of bars and melody, while Loski finally appears to find his footing with trying to evolve past his limited content that left previous commercial outings sounding cheap and half-hearted. Meanwhile on the hook, ZieZie’s chorus is playful and charming, working hard to make the record float with a lighthearted vibe despite the solid and rough edges on the tune’s instrumentation. If we’re lucky, perhaps iLL Blu will see fit to keep their own material pumping out, and finally establish themselves as one of the premier production teams of the 21st century.

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September 7
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