Mostack and Production Duo iLL Blu Return With “Litness”

While 2017 was a moment of peak achievements for Mostack, 2018’s been a surprisingly sparse year for the rapper as far as releases go. Besides collaborations with friend and associate Mist, as well as single “What I Wanna” earlier in the year, the output has slowed down considerably, leaving a particular void with J Hus sorting his personal issues and many other chancers trying and failing to fulfill his role. His newest single “Litness” features production from his longtime collaborators Ill Blu (responsible for other classics in the Mostack catalog such as “I Like It”, “Liar Liar” and “Let It Ring”), and is a notable shift in his sound. Given the change in style not to mention the relatively quiet output for the young rapper after having been prolific for so long, is this new single sorely needed or being delivered to deaf ears?

“Litness” is an intriguing listen, because it finds Mostack changing himself away from the afro swing vibes he pioneered with the likes of Hus, Kojo Funds and others; instead, Ill Blu’s production appears to be delving into a left-lane sort of smeared, synth vibe not too far off from what D-Block Europe and Yung Bxne were toying with earlier in the summer. As such, it’s a break from the more typical material that Mostack’s provided, but the hallmark melodic approach and cheeky lyrics are still accounted for as usual. The wavy blend of autotune and production is a blurry blend that sounds great as we leave behind a sea of so many ‘song of the summer’ attempts behind while we work to close out the year. If “Litness” is more than just a mere one-off, it appears that Mostack is working to make sure that while 2018 was relatively quiet from the rapper, the next few years are going to be full of opportunities to keep himself in people’s minds as a master craftsman.

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September 7
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