“WUT2” Is Nadia Rose Playing It Safe, And Playing Herself Out

Since signing to Relentless Records, Nadia Rose has been a surprisingly consistent presence for a vibrant personality on record that appears to be meant to propel her to stardom. Early records such as “Skwod”, “Big Woman” or even collaborations like Kideko & George Kwali’s “Crank It” have been clear attempts to position her as a festival music favorite; yet in a time where the UK Urban Music Scene is as vital as it could ever be, Nadia’s been surprisingly distant from the various flavors that have manifested in the many genres of the last few years. True, she’s drafted 67 for one tune (the ill-advised “Wat Up”) and recently IAMDBB brought her out at Wireless for two songs… Yet even with these gestures, you never get the feeling she belongs in any scene. That said in this relatively slower 2018 for her, “WUT2” could’ve easily been a move to make gestures at a music world with so many different genres available to play with, and instead finds the MC avoiding pigeonholing by being bland.

“WUT2” is certainly meant to be feisty, with it’s minimal beat and Nadia’s piping voice barking bars about looking like a snack at getting up in the faces of others. Yet it’s a kind of rap tune that shows little character, and once you get past the boasting and barking, Nadia’s bars are really full of little lyrical prowess and her flowing is less dexterous as it is bouncy. Any sort of ‘edge’ here comes across very juvenile in a world where MCs both male and female in the game have been able to project confidence while remaining supremely London-centric in their identities while Nadia here sounds generic and devoid of specificity. In a time where music represents itself just as well as the people who make it, Nadia Rose’s conservative approaches to rap do herself a great disservice in establishing her to the greater music world.

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August 10
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