Pak Man Addresses His Place In The Game On “How Many”

Its reputation obscures the everyday realities, but London at its heart is a melting pot which brings together many cultures and races; so it’s not surprising that the street rap scene has seen a steady amount of Asian representation down the years. With that being said no one is doing it better than Big Pak-Man himself. It might seem basic to separate the Streatham based rapper from his peers on race alone, but this is not something that he shies away from. Rather it’s represented in his jewellery choice (Pakistani flag) stage name (double meaning), and Pak-Man says as much himself – in much blunter terms – on the chorus of this throwback collaboration with the equally talented equally brown skinned rapper Shaker The Baker.



Pak-Man embraces Pakistanis and asians as a target market, but as one of the most well known rappers in the scene of any creed or colour, he draws respect as an artist foremost. Debut tape Grams 2 Grands and recent albums Legendary and Still Legendary put his catalogue up there with the best bodies of work to come from the U.K. road scene. On “How Many”, Pak-Man sends a strong warning shot at the game, questioning others street credentials while reminding us of who he is and what he represents via plush scenery, expensive, designer shirts, and well crafted drug raps. It sounds like he’s done waiting for the overdue props the scene is yet to offer him, but listening to his latest you’d agree that they ought them up anyhow.
Words: Earsauce

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April 4
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