Young Tribez Is An International Man Of Mystery On “Faith And Belief”

When we last reported in with Young Tribez, he was a classic case of the artist in exile; living in Dubai with alleged charges on his head, fans have had to sustain themselves on the occasional video release for his new singles. Music videos of lavish pads certainly showed that the rapper hasn’t been hurting away from home, but also that his pen game hasn’t gone by the wayside either. Certainly the last record “No Complaints” was a satisfying morsel to hold us over in the meantime, but this newest single “Faith and Belief” is one of his best yet and implies that Tribez is far from finished with remaining one of the top spitters in the game.

Certainly, fans are going to be amused with the footage of Tribez chilling in a luxury apartment, wandering through a casino, and seeming like his excursion is more pleasant than circumstances should dictate. But what’s entirely worth the listen is Young Tribez sounding hungrier than ever, his lyrical content still raw and his flows still polished. Production, provided by Mayan Beats, is just as glamorous with its oriental instrumentation riffing up against the hard drums. In a way, the beat really reflects the glamour of the life that Tribez appears to be living while the words he spits manages to keep everything gritty and grounded. With brief hints of a new project en route (aptly titled Most Wanted), “Faith and Belief” is not only raising the stakes for expectations, but it’s another reminder that Young Tribez is one of the hardest out of the UK, even when he’s far away.

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July 13
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