Remtrex Hits the Ground Running With “How It Goes”
Birmingham rapper Remtrex returns to the scene with "How It Goes", the first single off forthcoming project Bars From Pen

On Remtrex’s first single “How It Goes”, the Birmingham rapper is out to prove that a long stint in prison hasn’t slowed him down for a second, if anything, it’s only made him more determined to blow his competition out the water. Fans of Remtrex know what to expect from him; with his singular flow and barbed wire voice, he sets his sights on what he sees as the hypocrisy of hustlers, the apathy towards violence by many in poorer areas, and the potential to make real profits that don’t involve the dangers that come with drugs and the roads.

Compared to past singles and freestyles it seems that Remtrex comes off slightly more relaxed, still just as intense and commanding  as ever but more of an emphasis on restraint, despite this you can still feel the danger within his voice. The beat creates an icy midpoint between the monochrome thud of drill and the warped synth textures of grime from the genres more abrasive experimental past. This is Remtrex’s first single off his new album Bars from the Pen, the follow up to 2015’s Goonlyfe, and for a people who who paid attention to UK music around that tine, Remtrex was considered something of a hidden gem amongst an army of generic rappers with triplet flows. Here’s hoping that he is able to live up to his full potential.

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August 1
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